By Gilad Rom from Israel (Chinstrap Penguin) [CC-BY-2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Recently a story began spreading via social media that knitters were needed to make sweaters for penguins hurt in an oil spill.  Soon, some people claimed it was a hoax.  In fact, it seems that the sweaters will not be worn by real penguins, but by toy penguins.  However, these toys will be sold to raise funds for the penguin foundation.  So if you really want to knit a penguin sweater, go ahead — but bear in mind that the cost of shipping it to Australia won’t be cheap.  Alternatively, you might just want to donate some money directly to the Penguin Foundation or even adopt a penguin. 

Listen below

Read by Tina (Australian accent)

Study the words

Spreading- being passed from person to person
Sweaters- pullovers, jumpers
Oil spill- accidental release of oil into the sea
Claimed- said
Hoax- a fraudulent story
To raise funds- to collect money
Go ahead- just do it
Bear in mind- consider
Cheap- inexpensive

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