By Giò [CC-BY-2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Italian town of Ivrea is preparing 500 tonnes of oranges for its annual Carnival festival.  The oranges aren’t for eating, however, they are for throwing.  In fact, teams of locals will re-create a historic battle between the townsfolk, on foot, and a ruling tyrant and his men, in carts.  The oranges, which are leftovers from the winter crop, are thrown at full force and bruises and other injuries are not uncommon.  Spectators who don’t want to be pelted should wear a red cap at all times.  It’s a colourful, cheerful and deliciously orange-scented event.

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Read by Michelle (English accent)

Study the words

Throwing- propelling by hand
Battle- fight
Townsfolk- residents of the town
Ruling tyrant- dictator
Leftovers- unused
Crop- harvest
At full force- in a powerful way
Bruises- yellow purple contusions caused by trauma to the body
Injuries- damage to the body
Pelted- hit
At all times- always
Orange-scented- smelling of oranges

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