Montreal company is showing how cities can feed themselves with rooftop gardens. Lufa Farms, founded in 2009, built the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse in 2011. Customers order on-line, the food is harvested in the morning and delivered a few hours later to pick-up points around the city.  So there is no waste.  For $30 a week, customers get a weekly basket of fresh organic food.  As the world population continues to grow, good farmland is rapidly disappearing. Farming on rooftops gives urban residents access to local produce that they would otherwise have imported from hundreds of miles away.

Listen below

Read by Cristina Faita, EASI English (Canadian accent).

Study the words

feed- provide food for
founded- started
harvested- collected, picked from the plants
pick-up points- collection areas
waste- products which have to be thrown away
organic- produced without using harmful chemicals
urban residents- people who live in cities
otherwise- in different circumstances

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