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By MichaelMaggs (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever dreamed of running a bookshop? You can have a go for a week at the Open Book Store in Wigton, Scotland. In fact, if you book a holiday at the self-catering flat on Airbnb, you also have to work for 40 hours in the bookshop downstairs. A week in the flat costs £150. You won’t get paid for working, but you can use your own creative ideas to sell books and gain valuable experience. Wigton is Scotland’s national book town and this new venture is attracting interest from all over the world.

Have a conversation:

Would you like to run or work in a Book shop? Why/ why not?                                                                                         

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Read by Helen Mitchell (from Lancashire, England)

Study the words

running- managing

have a go- try

gain- obtain

self-catering flat- a holiday apartment with a kitchen

venture- project



Grannies are very important for female elephants. A Behavioural Psychologist at the University of Stirling has been studying elephant herds in Kenya for decades. Her studies have found that the survival of female elephants and their success at reproducing is helped not only by having a mum but also by having a grandma. Female elephants support each other and protect and care for calves as a group and the grandmothers play an important role.  Elephants and girls should never forget their gran.

Have a conversation:

What do you know about elephants?

Do you think grandmothers are important for girls?  Why?                                                                                              

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Read by Annette (Scottish accent)

Study the words

grannies- grandmothers (informal)

female- girls/women (not male)

herds- groups of animals

decade- ten years

reproducing- giving birth

calves- baby elephants

gran- grandmother

By Gilad Rom from Israel (Chinstrap Penguin) [CC-BY-2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Recently a story began spreading via social media that knitters were needed to make sweaters for penguins hurt in an oil spill.  Soon, some people claimed it was a hoax.  In fact, it seems that the sweaters will not be worn by real penguins, but by toy penguins.  However, these toys will be sold to raise funds for the penguin foundation.  So if you really want to knit a penguin sweater, go ahead — but bear in mind that the cost of shipping it to Australia won’t be cheap.  Alternatively, you might just want to donate some money directly to the Penguin Foundation or even adopt a penguin. 

Listen below

Read by Tina (Australian accent)

Study the words

Spreading- being passed from person to person
Sweaters- pullovers, jumpers
Oil spill- accidental release of oil into the sea
Claimed- said
Hoax- a fraudulent story
To raise funds- to collect money
Go ahead- just do it
Bear in mind- consider
Cheap- inexpensive

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Do the takeaway test:Do Penguins Really Need Sweaters?

1422527_581621235224718_1298662611_n-2If you visit a café and the staff are rude you can choose not to go back, but what happens when it’s the customers who are impolite?  A French Café has decided to reward polite customers and punish rude ones by implementing some unusual coffee price variations.  According to the menu board, ‘a coffee’ costs €7 while ‘a coffee, please’ costs a more affordable €4.50.  Of course, there’s an even cheaper option:  ‘hello, can I have a coffee, please?’ will cost you just €1.40. Sometimes it pays to be polite and if you are in a bad mood you can always choose another café.

Listen below


Read by Sarah Bevis (English accent)

Study the words

Rude- not polite
Reward- give a prize
Punish- discipline (for bad behavior)
Implementing- putting into practice
Affordable- not too expensive
Pays- has a positive result
in a bad mood- feeling unhappy and negative

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Do the takeaway test: A Coffee, Please

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