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                                                                                                           Versione Italiana

My name is Annette and I’m from Scotland.  After studying psychology at Glasgow University, I moved to Varese, in the North of Italy, in 1992.  I have more than 20 years of experience as a trainer.  My lessons take place in local companies, at a client’s home or office, and sometimes on Skype.

I believe that for optimal learning  you need to be totally engaged, so I always try to make my lessons interesting and relevant for my students whether they are business people,  doctors or factory workers.  My mission is to tailor my approach to get the best results for you.

I can help you…

Increase your vocabulary, fluency and grammatical accuracy.

Make great presentations and use correct English when participating in meetings.

Impress at interviews in English.

Communicate with confidence at work.

Prepare for exams: first certificate, IELTS etc.

Conversation classes

Relaxed conversation classes take place at Caffè La Cupola, Varese.

Use the form below to contact me:

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