English: Pancake in frying pan.

English: Pancake in frying pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Happy Egg Co, which specializes in free-range eggs, has invented an automatic pancake machine just in time for Shrove Tuesday.  The device consists of a range of household objects including an old gramophone, an electric mixer and, of course, a frying pan.  The process starts when the hen lays an egg.  The egg is then carried along a conveyor belt.  Next, it is cracked open and mixed with the other ingredients.  Finally, the mixture is poured into the pan, cooked and flipped onto a plate.   The device is not for sale: it’s going to be exhibited at London’s Design Museum in the near future. In any case, pancakes are fun and easy to make by hand.

Do you know how to make pancakes?  You can find out here and download a recipe.


Read by Elizabeth Wyke (English Accent)

Study the words

free-range– from animals which are not kept in cages
household– domestic
gramophone– old-fashioned record player
mixer– machine used for combining ingredients
frying pan– flat-bottomed pan used for frying food
lays– produces
carried– taken
conveyor belt–  moving platform
cracked– broken
poured– dispensed
flipped– quickly thrown
device–  machine
exhibited– displayed
in the near future– soon

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