CC Image courtesy of Rocor on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Rocor on Flickr

Pablo Picasso’s portrait of his mistress Marie Thérèse Walter has been sold for 28 million pounds at a London auction. It depicts her in bright colours, sitting near a window.  When the couple met, she was just 17, while he was 45 and married to another woman.  Their love story was kept hidden at first but Picasso secretly included her in his paintings:  perhaps in the form of a guitar waiting to be played or by placing her initials across his own. Her voluptuous body is said to have inspired many of his other paintings and sculptures.  Picasso had two wives and many mistresses but some say that Marie was the greatest love of his life.   The painting was snapped up by a collector.

Do you like Picasso’s paintings?  How much would you pay for one?

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Read by Jenny  (English accent)

Study the words

Portrait– painting of a person
Mistress– lover
Auction– public sale
Depicts– shows
While– but, whereas
Kept hidden– stayed secret
Initials– the letters of her name
His own– those belonging to him
Voluptuous– sensual
Snapped up– bought very quickly

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