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A completely digital library, with no real books, is set to open in Texas.  The Bibliotech is going to look more like an Apple Store than a traditional library. People will be able to download e-books onto their own devices and borrow e-readers.  Fans of e-books argue that they are extremely convenient as they can store thousands of books. Of course, there are still many book-lovers who are convinced that nothing can take the place of a real book printed on paper. It may be unrealistic to expect the traditional library to survive, but perhaps a hybrid version, which offers both e-books and paper ones would keep everyone happy.

Do you like the idea of a bookless library? 

Listen below

Read by Eva Jarvoll (Australian accent)

Study the words

Set to– planned to
Download– transfer
Devices– mobile phones, e-readers etc.
Borrow– use on a temporary basis
Argue– say
Convenient– easy to use, practical
Store– contain
Convinced– sure
Take the place of– substitute
Hybrid– mixed

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