During their recent visit to New Zealand, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla were given a crash course in all things Kiwi (that’s a nickname for anything which originates from New Zealand, like the Kiwi bird).  The royal couple met indigenous Maori and Charles said “Kia ora”, a traditional Maori  greeting.  Camilla tried to do a “hongi”, another traditional greeting in which two people press their noses together. She had some difficulty because she was wearing a very large hat.  The couple also attended a children’s show starring Hairy Maclary, a fictional dog.  The only disappointment for the prince was that he didn’t have time to try another two Kiwi inventions: zorbing and bungee jumping.

Listen below

Read by Anna (New Zealand accent)

Read by Paul (New Zealand accent)

Study the words

crash course-  rapid and intense training
nickname-  a familiar name used instead of the real name
indigenous- originating from that country
greeting-  salutation
attended-  were present at
starring-  with…playing the central role
fictional- invented
disappointment- cause of regret

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Do the takeaway test: Royals get Crash Course in all things Kiwi

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