The Oxford English Dictionary has named the word of the year: omnishambles.  It is made up of ‘omni’ which means ‘every’ and ‘shambles’ which means ‘a total mess’.  So if you describe something as an omnishambles, it means that it is a complete and utter disaster from every possible angle.  The word became popular because of a TV show about a group of fictional politicians.  It was soon used by real-life politicians and even mutated to ‘Romneyshambles’ to describe gaffes made by US presidential candidate Mitt Romney during his visit to the UK.

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Read by Heather, Easi English (Southern English accent)

Study the words

Made up of – composed of
Mess–  disorder, confusion
Utter– total
Fictional– invented
Real-life– not fictional
Mutated– transformed
Gaffes– embarrassing mistakes, blunders

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