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Grannies are very important for female elephants. A Behavioural Psychologist at the University of Stirling has been studying elephant herds in Kenya for decades. Her studies have found that the survival of female elephants and their success at reproducing is helped not only by having a mum but also by having a grandma. Female elephants support each other and protect and care for calves as a group and the grandmothers play an important role.  Elephants and girls should never forget their gran.

Have a conversation:

What do you know about elephants?

Do you think grandmothers are important for girls?  Why?                                                                                              

Listen below or listen on i-tunes here

Read by Annette (Scottish accent)

Study the words

grannies- grandmothers (informal)

female- girls/women (not male)

herds- groups of animals

decade- ten years

reproducing- giving birth

calves- baby elephants

gran- grandmother

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