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If you’re going to propose in the near future, don’t worry if you can’t afford a massive engagement ring. A recent study suggests that the bigger the ring is, the shorter the marriage will be. Economics professors at Emory University in America have shown that bigger isn’t always better. In fact, men who spend between £1200 – £2000 on an engagement ring are actually 1.3 times more likely to divorce, than those who spend between £300 – £1200. Of course, these statistics don’t prove that a large ring is the cause of the problem. They simply show a correlation. However it seems clear that if you place more importance on the cost of the ring, than the man you’re about to marry, it’s not a promising sign. Do you think the size of an engagement ring is important? NEW: TINY TEXTS VOCAB CHALLENGE CARDS

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Read by Essi (from Finland)

Study the words

Propose– ask someone to marry you
Near future– next days and weeks
Engagement ring– the ring you give as a promise of marriage
Likely– probable
Prove– demonstrate
Correlation– relationship
About to– going to, ready to
Promising sign– indication of positive things in the future

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Do the takeaway test: The bigger the ring, the shorter the marriage

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