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Are you looking for a holiday home in Italy? Why not buy a home in the picturesque town of Gangi for one Euro? This offer may seem too good to be true, but there’s a catch: you have to promise to renovate the property within three years and this could cost you €20,000. Gangi’s mayor came up with the idea to put some life back into the Sicilian town. Poverty caused many inhabitants to leave after World War II. The idea is attracting interest from all over the world.  Would you buy one of these homes?                                                                                              NEW: TINY TEXTS VOCAB CHALLENGE CARDS

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Read by Crissy Faita (Canadian accent)

Study the words

Picturesque- pretty
Too good to be true– unrealistic, unbelievable
Catch- a slight problem
Renovate- repair and restore
Within- during this time
Came up with- thought of
Poverty- poor economic conditions

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