suvir-mirchandaniA 14 year-old boy of Indian origin has come up with a clever plan, which could save the U.S government up to $400 million per year, simply by changing the font they use on official documents. Suvir Mirchandani had the idea while thinking of ways to cut waste and save money for a project at school. He noticed that his school used a lot of handouts and considered recycling to save paper. Suvir also wanted to find a way to cut down on ink, which, he says, is twice as expensive as French perfume. He experimented with different fonts and found that Garamond uses 24% less ink. It is incredible to think that such a small change could result in such a huge saving.

Do you use a lot of ink and paper?


Listen below

Read by Annette (Scottish accent).

Study the words

Come up with- invented
Font- style of character
Handouts- worksheets, photocopies
Cut down on- reduce the amount used
Twice- two times
Huge- very large



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Do the takeaway test: 14 year-old Boy Coud Save U.S. Millions