1422527_581621235224718_1298662611_n-2If you visit a café and the staff are rude you can choose not to go back, but what happens when it’s the customers who are impolite?  A French Café has decided to reward polite customers and punish rude ones by implementing some unusual coffee price variations.  According to the menu board, ‘a coffee’ costs €7 while ‘a coffee, please’ costs a more affordable €4.50.  Of course, there’s an even cheaper option:  ‘hello, can I have a coffee, please?’ will cost you just €1.40. Sometimes it pays to be polite and if you are in a bad mood you can always choose another café.

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Read by Sarah Bevis (English accent)

Study the words

Rude- not polite
Reward- give a prize
Punish- discipline (for bad behavior)
Implementing- putting into practice
Affordable- not too expensive
Pays- has a positive result
in a bad mood- feeling unhappy and negative

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