The statue of the Duke of Wellington outside t...

The statue of the Duke of Wellington outside the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow, Scotland, with a traffic cone on his head.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The people of Glasgow have managed to convince the city council not to kill off a much-loved tradition.  For years, locals have repeatedly placed a traffic cone on the Duke of Wellington’s head  (on a statue of the Duke on his horse). The council complained that it cost £100 a time to have the cone removed and revealed plans to raise the statue to stop people from climbing up.   The people responded by launching a petition, which gathered 10,613 signatures in less than 24 hours.  The petition organizers said ‘The cone on Wellington’s head is an iconic part of Glasgow’s heritage.

Listen below

Read by Claire (English accent).

Read by Annette ( Scottish accent)

Study the words

Kill off– end
Repeatedly– over and over again
Complained– said they were not happy
Raise– lift, make higher
Launch a petition– collect a list of signatures to protest against something
Gathered– collected
Iconic– famous, representative
Heritage– culture

Strange things happen in Glasgow…

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