Towels (Photo credit: Khadijah’s Artworks)

For most people, stealing shampoo or soap from a hotel room is not a serious crime. Some even think it’s ok to help themselves to the towels. A couple of newlyweds from Oregon, U.S.A went a little too far.  They tried to steal everything including the sheets, pillows and paintings.  However, they didn’t get away with it. Staff grew suspicious when the two guests refused to settle the bill for a pay-per-view movie by saying their room didn’t have a TV. When a member of staff went to check the room, he found that the Tv was, in fact, missing.  That’s because it was with the rest of the stolen goods in the trunk of their car.

Have you ever stolen anything from a hotel?

Listen below

Read by Roger (U.S.A accent).

Study the words

Help themselves- take without paying
Newlyweds- a recently married couple
Went too far- exaggerated
Get away with- escape punishment for something
Settle- pay
Check- examine
Goods- items
Trunk- boot, space at the rear of the car for luggage

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Do the takeaway test: Couple Steal more than the Towels