English: Mobile phone scrap, old decomissioned...

English: Mobile phone scrap, old decomissioned mobile phones, defective mobile phones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many mobile phones have you had in your life and what do you do with the old, broken ones?  Most people throw them away.  In fact, digital waste is a growing problem for society. Dutch designer Dave Hakken has come up with an amazing idea to reduce such waste.  The Phoneblocks concept is a mobile phone made up of little blocks that can be replaced when they stop working.  This means that you can keep your phone forever and just replace the broken parts.  You can also build the ideal phone for your personal needs. The designer is trying to spread the word about his idea.  His goal is to find 50,000 supporters so that the mobile phone industry will take notice.

Listen below

Read by Anna Buckley (English accent)

Study the words

Throw away- dispose of
Waste- rubbish
Come up with- invented
Such- this type of
Spread the word- let people know
Goal- objective
Take notice- pay attention

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