A mug of golden beer with a white froth; again...

A mug of golden beer with a white froth; against a black background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nation which created Nutella, has invented a brand new delicacy to have on toast: spreadable beer.  The sweet beer-perfumed jelly is the result of a partnership between an Italian brewer and an Italian chocolate maker. You can purchase a jar for just under £8 at Selfridges.   According to their website, the spread is excellent with cheeses and can be used as a garnish or stuffing for tarts and cakes.  No information is provided about the alcohol content so it’s hard to say whether it would be a safe choice for breakfast.

Would you try spreadable beer for breakfast? 

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Listen below

Read by Ale (Italian/ Scottish accent)

Study the words

Brand new– totally new
Delicacy– special food
Spreadable– you can spread with a knife, like butter
Jelly- gelatin
Partnership- collaboration
Brewer- beer maker
Purchase- buy
Jar- glass container
Garnish- edible decoration
Stuffing- filling
Provided- given, made available
Hard- difficult
Whether- if

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