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A Canadian family has decided to spend a year living as if it was 1986.  Blair McMillan was concerned that his kids spent too much time indoors with technology.  He wanted them to experience what it was like when he was growing up.  That means no I-pods, mobile phones or Internet.  If they need information, they have to go to the library and look up an encyclopedia. For entertainment, they have a VHS player to watch movies and cassette tapes to listen to. When travelling, they use only paper maps and have to wait to have their photos developed. The family dress in vintage clothes, have 80’s hairdos and the dad has a true Magnum PI moustache.  So far, Blair says his family talk more and are much closer.

What do you miss about the 80’s?

Listen below

Read by Cristina Faita from EASI English (Canadian accent)

Study the words

concerned- worried
indoors- in the house
growing up- becoming an adult
look up- consult
hairdos- hairstyles
moustache- facial hair between the nose and the top lip
closer- more intimate

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