If you can’t stand ironing, there’s great news you.  Wool&Prince have invented a shirt that you can wear 100 times before it needs to be washed and ironed. It is made of a type of wool that doesn’t wrinkle and fights off nasty odours too.  The company used a group of testers who wore the shirt while backpacking, clubbing and working out. However, it always stayed fresh and clean, even after one tester crumpled his up and left it in his rucksack all day.  At just under 100 dollars, it’s not  exactly  cheap, but just think about the time you will save, not to mention the reduction in your laundry expenses.

Would you wear it for 100 days?

Listen below

Read by Ross Harrison, mbaenglishonline (Standard English accent)

Study the words

can’t standstrongly dislike
wrinkle– to crease, become full of folds
fights off nasty odours– prevents bad smells
backpacking- travelling around with a large backpack
clubbing- going to dance clubs
 working out- doing physical exercise
crumpled up- rolled into a messy ball
not to mention- in addition to

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