Circus: tijgers

Circus: tijgers (Photo credit: doenietzomoeilijk)

Circuses in England will be banned from using wild animals in their shows from 1 December 2015.  Strict regulations have also been introduced to improve conditions of working animals until the law is changed.  This means that if you go to the circus, you will no longer see lions, tigers or elephants performing for the crowd. Many people consider this to be cruel and have been campaigning against it for years. They argue that the animals spend too much time travelling in their cages and that brutal methods are used in training them. Sadly, the ban does not include domestic animals, like horses and dogs.  This is apparently because they are used to conditions like travelling.

Listen below

Read by Annette (Scottish accent)

Study the words

Banned– prohibited
Wild– undomesticated
Strict regulations– severe rules
Improve– make better
No longer– no more
Crowd– audience
Cruel- causing pain and suffering
Campaigning– protesting
Argue– hold an opinion
Cages– metal enclosures
Brutal– hard and violent
Sadly– unfortunately
Apparently– it appears that
Used to– accustmed to

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