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Thanks to the social web, it’s now easy to save and make money by sharing everything you own with strangers.  Lyft allows you to cut down on travel costs by giving or getting a lift somewhere.  At Couchsurfing, you can rent out your spare bedroom for the night or find a place to sleep when you visit another city. Neighborgoods will let you share your stuff with neighbours, like lawnmowers, drills or even cat carriers.  Universe aims to tie all of these services together and become a global sharing community.  In most cases you can read reviews about who you share with, but trust is an important element.  If you can trust a stranger, you have a lot to gain.

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Read by Jane Sabey (English accent).

Study the words

Sharing– when two people or more make use of something
Own– possess
Strangers– people you don’t know
Cut down on– reduce
lift– a ride in someone’s car
rent out– charge money for the use of something
spare– extra, free
stuff– things
lawnmowers– machine used to cut the grass
drills– machines used to make small holes
carriers– objects used for transporting something
aims– plans, intends
tie together– unite, merge
reviews– evaluations
trust (noun)- when you believe someone is reliable
trust (verb)- to believe
gain– earn

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