Green leaf

Green leaf (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Research at the University of San Diego has revealed that employees in a ‘green’ building are more productive than people who work in a standard building.  Of course, a ‘green’ building is not just painted green:  it is built and maintained with attention to its environmental impact.  The presence of green plants in an office is known to lower stress levels.  Other studies show that the colour green also has a positive impact on work.  Last year, German researchers found that just looking at a green rectangle for a couple of seconds boosts your creative output by 20%. Green has strong associations with nature and growth and bringing the outdoors in can make people more relaxed. So, if you want to increase productivity in your workplace, go green.

Listen below

Read by Annette (Scottish accent).

Study the words

Revealed– showed
Employees– workers
Painted– decorated, coloured
Maintained– preserved, looked after
Impact– effect
Lower– reduce
Couple– about two
Boosts– increases
Output– production
Associations– links
Growth– enlargement
Bringing the outdoors in– placing elements of nature indoors
Go green– become more green

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