Shetland Ponies

Shetland Ponies (Photo credit: Island Trails, Shetland.)

Shetland ponies have been recieving a lot of media attention recently and they certainly deserve it.  First, they starred in a campaign to attract visitors to their native country, Scotland.  They were photographed in a beautiful setting wearing wooly cardigans.  More recently, a moonwalking pony was featured in a video ad for the mobile phone company ‘3’.  The star of the video, called socks, only stops dancing when a farmer drives past in his tractor. Shetland ponies, which originate from the Shetland Isles, are hardy animals with heavy coats and short legs.  They were originally used for pulling carts, but now it is more  common to see them giving rides to children.  They are occasionally used by blind people instead of guide dogs.

Listen below

Read by Annette Porte (Scottish accent)

Study the words

Deserve– are worthy of, merit
Starred– were the protagonists
Campaign– a drive to promote something
Native– of origin
Setting– location
Wooly cardigans– sweaters with buttons made of wool
Featured– placed in an important role
Hardy– strong and resilient
Carts– open farm vehicle with two or four wheels
Rides–  short trip
Occasionally– sometimes
Blind– visually impaired
Instead of– rather than, in place of

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