English: Tweeting bird, derived from the initi...A new Twitter App, launching in March will allow you to communicate with your friends and relatives after you die.  The tagline of the new service, called Liveson, is “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting”.  It allows you to plan in advance the tweets that will be published after you pass away.  A similar facebook app, called Ifidie has been around for some time.  It allows you to leave a video message for your loved ones. Some people might find this new trend a little morbid. Perhaps, in the near future, social media will be populated by digital ghosts.

Listen below

Read by Vicki Hollett (English accent) from simpleenglishvideos.com

Study the words

Launching– starting
Tagline– slogan, promotional message
Beating– pumping blood
Keep tweeting– continue to send twitter messages
In advance– before
Pass away– die
Been around– existed
Loved ones– people you love
Morbid– macabre
In the near future– soon
Ghosts– spirits

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