A wild dolphin whose fin was tangled up in a fishing line ‘asked’ a diver for help. Mr Laros was enjoying a dive with friends in Hawii when suddenly he heard a dophin cry. The animal swam towards them and pushed his nose into the diver in an obvious plea for help. It took over eight minutes to remove the hook and cut away the line. The animal waited patiently while the diver worked to set him free. At one point the dolphin surfaced for air and then came back down to let his rescuer finish the job. The amazing scene was captured on video.

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Read by Kristin Walters (Australian accent)

Watch the video on Fox News

Study the words

Wild– not captive
Fin– the part of the body the dolphin uses to swim
Line– nylon wire
Suddenly–  unexpectedly
Towards– in the direction of
Plea– request
Took– used to express the time necessary to complete an action
Remove– take out
Hook– sharp, curved piece of metal used to catch fish
Patiently– without complaining, calmly
Set free– liberate
Surfaced– went to the surface of the water
Rescuer– the diver who saved him
Amazing– incredible
Captured– filmed

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Do the takeaway test: Dolphin asks diver for Help

Dolphin asked help from Hawaii divers (bigpondnews.com)