Online resumes are becoming more and more popular. Philippe Dubost has attracted the attention of the media by posting one that looks exactly like an Amazon product page. Beside his photo, there’s the message ‘only one left in stock– order soon.’ If you add him to your cart, you get his contact information. The product details include his height, languages and best marathon time. Potential employers are informed that ‘this product is available for shipping anywhere in the world.’ He also has plenty of five-star reviews. Philippe clearly has a good sense of humour, as you will see if you click on ‘add to wedding registry’. ‘Not happening’ means he has no intention of getting married. This guy is clever, creative and surely deserves a great job.

Listen below

Read by Crissy Faita (Canadian accent).  Check out the Learning English Matters blog here.

Study the words

resumes– curriculum vitae
in stock– available for dispatch
cart– shopping trolley
height– how tall he is
marathon– long–distance race
potential– prospective, possible
available for shipping– can be sent
plenty– lots of
reviews– assessments, evaluations
sense of humour– ability to laugh and joke
wedding registry– list of gifts for people who are getting married
deserves–  merits, is worthy of

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