The hottest new trend for fashionable men is male leggings or meggings.  Although not all men will want to wear them, plenty of designers are selling them, from  Prada to Nike to Armani. While they are surely comfortable, they may not be flattering for all body types. It could also take guts to wear them about town.  According to Will Welch at GQ, this trend is only for the most severe of fashion victims.  However, meggings are not entirely new.  Throughout history, men have worn leggings of various styles.  They were all the rage in the renaissance era and Henry VIII wore them to show off his toned calf muscles. Fashions tend to come back, whether we like them or not.

Would you (or the men in your life) wear meggings?

Listen below

Read by Ross Harrison, mbaenglishonline (Standard English accent)

Study the words

Hottest– most talked about
Although– while
Plenty– a lot of
Flattering– make you look good
Guts– courage
Severe– serious
Fashion victims– people who wear the latest fashion at all costs
Entirely– completely
Throughout– during
Various–  different
All the rage– very fashionable
Toned– in good shape
Calf muscles– the muscles behind the lower part of the leg
Whether– if

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Do the takeaway test: will real men wear meggings?

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