The internet is rife with cat videos.  Now another feline has become an internet sensation.  This time, the amazing pet can do a typical magic trick – to guess which cup contains a bell, even after they are mixed up at top speed.  We have seen cats that play the piano, surprised cats, fat cats, talking cats and even cats with i-pads.  Dogs, however, are catching up.  They can do tricks too, like walking on two legs and playing dead.  The latest star is a clever dog that taught a puppy how to go safely down the stairs.  There’s no doubt that both cats and dogs are clever and cute, and maybe sometimes we prefer them to people.

What’s your favourite cat or dog video?


Read by  Annette (Scottish Accent)

Study the words

Rife– very common, numerous
Sensation– star
Magic trick– playful deception
Guess– deduce
Mixed up– placed in a different order
At top speed– very quickly
Catching up– reaching the same level
Playing dead– pretending to die
Puppy– young dog
Doubt– uncertainty
Cute– sweet, adorable 

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