#Crazyisgood—“iPotty for iPad = high-tech toil...

Digital technology is entering the lives of children at an increasingly young age.  More and more teenagers have iPhones and some primary schools are using iPads in class instead of books.  Now, an American company has come up with the iPotty to help parents toilet train their toddlers.  It’s like a normal potty but it has a stand where you can insert an iPad so that the child will be entertained while he does his business.  Thankfully, the American academy of pediatrics recommends avoiding screen time for kids under two.   Without guidelines, the next app might be aimed at newborns.

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Read by Irma Walter (Global English accent).  Check out Irma’s blog here.

Study the words

Increasingly– more and more
Come up with– create, invent
Toilet train– teach children to use the toilet
Toddlers– very young children
Potty– mini plastic toilet for very young children
Entertained– amused
Does his business– does a pee or a poo
Avoiding– not allowing
Guidelines– suggested rules
Aimed– targeted
Newborns– new babies

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Do the takeaway test: Introducing the iPotty.