dementia village cc ouple on tricycleDementia is a growing problem for society.  A care home in the Netherlands is experimenting with a new way of treating patients by offering them an “alternative reality”.  Residents live in small groups within a protected community.  They are free to wander the streets and go to the supermarket, beauty salon, restaurant and even the theatre.  If they forget to pay, it’s not a problem because the shop assistants and waiters are actually carers.  To make the patients feel comfortable, the houses are decorated in a style that reflects their personal background. It may seem a little like the Truman Show but the patients and their families are enthusiastic about the project.  Perhaps the rest of the world can learn some useful lessons for the future.

Listen below

Read by Barbara Van den Ouweland (Dutch accent)

Study the words

care home– a place where elderly people are looked after
treating–  taking care of
wander– walk around with no particular aim
shop assistants– people who work in shops
waiters– people who serve in restaurants
carers– people who look after elderly patients
comfortable– happy and relaxed
background– previous lifestyle
enthusiastic– very positive

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