English: Glencoe valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Ferris Wheel and Margate Beach

English: Ferris Wheel and Margate Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CNN has chosen Scotland as this year’s best tourist destination. The dramatic scenery from the film ‘Skyfall’ has made people wish to see it for themselves. Lonely Planet, on the other hand, suggests Rio, Brazil as the best value option. They recommend going there before prices rise for the 2014 World cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

The Rough Guide hotlist number one is Stockholm, in Sweden where the official ABBA museum is set to open shortly. Other suggestions include Dubrovnik, Porto Rico and surprisingly, the English seaside town of Margate. So what’s your must-see destination for this year?

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Read by Cynthia Jones (North American/Canadian accent)

Study the words

Dramatic– stunning, beautiful
Wish– desire
On the other hand– on the contrary
Best value– most for your money
Recommend– suggest
Rise– go up
Hotlist– list of top destinations
Set to– planned to
Shortly– soon
Surprisingly– unexpectedly
Must-see– top, number one choice 

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