Happy New Year!

Around the world, people celebrate the new year in some strange ways.  In Scotland, the first person to visit your home after the midnight bells is called the first foot.  If it’s a tall, dark man, you will be very lucky.  Traditionally, he should bring a piece of coal, but nowadays a bottle of whisky is usually more appreciated.   In Denmark, people throw old plates at their friends’ front doors.  The more broken dishes you find outside, the more friends you have.  Many traditions are about ensuring good luck for the coming year.  In south America, they wear brightly coloured underwear, in Italy they eat lentils and apparently, in Ireland they bang bread against the walls.  Wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate, have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

How do you celebrate in your country?


Read by Annette (Scottish Accent)

Study the words

Midnight bells– the church bells that ring at 12pm.
Coal– black rock used for burning
Nowadays– in present times
Appreciated– valued
Dishes– plates
Ensuring– making certain
Coming– future
Underwear– pants, bra etc
Lentils– a type of pulse
Apparently– it seems that
Bang– hit
Wherever– anywhere
However– in any way

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