By none listed, author Clement C. Moore (1779-1863), publishers Charles E. Graham & Co. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Four out of five people prefer traditional Christmas cards to email or social media messages according to Royal Mail.  Most people think electronic wishes are rather cold and empty.  The US greeting card association say that card sales are increasing every year.

However, Nigel Farndale of ‘The Telgraph’, says the Christmas card is dead. He thinks this is partly because of the dramatic increase in the price of stamps but also because it has become a depressing obligation rather than a pleasure.

Even so,  the tradition is still alive for two friends in Michigan who have been exchanging the same card for 59 years.  It is now very delicate and precious so they have to deliver it by hand.  They say they will keep sending it until they die or ‘go bananas’.


Read by Meredith  MacAulay (American Accent)

Study the words

Wishes– Christmas greetings
Rather– quite
Increasing– growing
Dramatic– large
Stamps– the stickers we put on letters to cover postal costs
Depressing–  sad, miserable
Exchanging– sending to each other
Even so– in any case
Delicate– fragile
Precious– valuable
Go bananas– to become crazy, senile

Do the takeaway test: A Christmas Card is Forever

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