Mount Rtanj

A mystic mountain in Serbia is becoming a popular destination for people who believe that the world will end on December 21st.  Hotels at its base are being inundated with booking requests.  The mountain is pyramid-shaped and many people believe that it conceals a building left behind by alien visitors thousands of years ago.  They say that it emits a special energy that could protect them from the apocalypse.  Scholars of Mayan civilisation say that people have wrongly interpreted the Mayan calendar and that the world will not be destroyed. However, this has not stopped fears from spreading.


Read by Annette (Scottish Accent)

Study the words

Mystic– magical
Inundated– made very busy
Conceals– contains, covers
Left behind– forgotten
Emits– produces
Scholars– researchers
Wrongly– incorrectly
Destroyed– ruined
Spreading– growing and becoming more extensive

Do the takeaway test: Apocalypse Believers head for Mystic Mountain

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