video created as part of a safety campaign by an Australian train company has gone viral.  ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ is a catchy song full of silly suggestions that could be fatal such as eating a tube of superglue, selling both of your kidneys on the internet and eating a two-week old unrefridgerated pie.  The song also warns against standing on the edge of the station platform and walking across the train tracks. The animation is aimed at young people who are resistant to traditional safety campaigns.


Read by Tina Williamson  (Australian Accent)

Study the words

Safety campaign– a project which aims to reduce danger
Gone viral– spread rapidly across the internet
Dumb– stupid
Catchy– easy to remember, easy to sing
Fatal– deadly, lethal
Superglue– very strong adhesive
Kidneys– internal organs
Unrefridgerated– which has not been kept in the fridge
Warns– strongly advises
Edge– border
Tracks– metal rails that the train travels on
Aimed– targeted
Resistant– immune, not influenced by

Do the takeaway test: Dumb Ways to Die

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