It may look like a hi-tech tennis racket, but the Jompy is, in fact, a portable water heater. It is the idea of a Scottish inventor, David Osborne. The device consists of lightweight metal tubing bent into a flat coil  and a long handle.  You have to attach one end of the tubing to a tank of water, put the Jompy over the flame and hot water will flow out the other end.  This is extremely useful in Africa because heating water purifies it of harmful bacteria which kill 1.5 million children every year.  The great thing is that 60% of energy resources are saved as you can use it while you are cooking your meal. It’s not just for poor countries, though.  You can also use it when you go camping.

Listen below

Read by Annette (Scottish accent)

Study the words

Look like– resemble, be similar to
Portable– moveable
Lightweight– not heavy
Bent– curved, shaped
Coil– spiral shape
Handle– the part that you hold in your hand
Tank– container
Over the flame– on a heat source
Flow– run, pour
Purifies– cleans
Harmful– not safe, damaging
Poor– not rich
Though– however

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Do the takeaway test: This is a Jompy