After becoming the most watched youtube video ever and after hundreds of spin-offs and parodies, ‘Gangnam style’ is  now inspiring amazing Christmas light displays.  A house in Perth, Australia, has been decorated with 41,000 bulbs which flash in time to the famous tune.  It is part of a project to raise money for the local community.  A video of the display has had over 60,000 views on you tube.  Its creator says that the neighbours love it and that it only adds 10$ per week to his electricity bill.


Read by Kristin Walters (Australian Accent)

Study the words

Ever– of all time
Spin-offs– videos created following the original
Parodies– humorous imitations
Amazing– incredible
Displays– shows, exhibits
Tune– song
Raise–  collect, earn
Bill– written demand for payment 

Do the takeaway test: Gangnam Style Christmas lights

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