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Scientists in Brazil have come up with a plan to save endangered species by cloning them.  The agricultural research agency Embrapa has already cloned cows and horses.  Now the researchers  are working with Brasilia Zoological Garden to begin cloning jaguars, maned wolves and other animals.  They have gathered hundreds of genetic samples from dead animals in the Brazilian outback.  If the project is successful, the animals will be kept in captivity and only released into the wild if there is a risk of total extinction.  The first mammal to be cloned was Dolly, the sheep who was born in Scotland in 1996.  Rare animals have been cloned before but so far, nobody has successfully copied a big cat like a jaguar.

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Read by Antonio (Brazilian Accent)  TOO FAST?  Listen to the  slower version below:

Study the words

Come up with– created, invented
Endangered– animals at risk of becoming extinct
Gathered– collected
Samples– examples of tissue
Outback– a large remote area of land
Kept in captivity– not allowed to go free
Released– let go, freed
The wild– their natural habitat

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