According to a recent report, British women admit that they are no good at parking.  Nearly a third change their driving plans to avoid parking in a tight space.  Only one in ten men admit to doing so.  Women also took 20 seconds longer than men to park an expensive Audi during an experiment at a German university.  While some studies suggest that men are better at spatial tasks because of the way their brains work, it could also be true that women lack confidence rather than ability.  There is some promising news, however:  the 2012 national parking championship in Germany was won by a woman.


Read by Melanie Stone (South African Accent)

Study the words

No good at– do not have a high level of ability
Tight– small
Admit to – confess to
Took – needed a certain time
Spatial tasks– activities that involve 3 dimensional space
Lack– don’t have enough
Rather than–  instead of
Promising–  hopeful

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