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A recent survey has found that Italians are making better use of scraps and leftovers  as a result of the economic crisis.  59 percent of Italian families are reusing pasta, bread and vegetables to try to make their food last longer.  Traditional recipes are regaining popularity, like “panzanella”, a salad which contains stale bread, olive oil and tomatoes.  This new trend should help cut down on food waste – Italians throw away 10 million tonnes of food every year.  There are many anti-waste recipes in traditional Italian cooking: with cheap ingredients and a little imagination  you can produce delicious dishes.

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Read by Ale (Italian/Scottish accent)

Study the words

Survey– a study in which people  answer questions
Scraps– pieces of unused food
Leftovers–  unused food
Reusing– using for a second time
Last longer– be useful for a longer time
Regaining popularity– becoming popular again
Stale– not fresh
Cut down on– reduce
Waste– rubbish
Throw away– dispose of
Anti-waste –  which don’t result in food being thrown away

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Do the takeaway test: italians love leftovers

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