Toothbrush, photo taken in Sweden

Is your toothbrush smarter than you?   It soon may be if a new product catches on.  The beam toothbrush tracks your brushing activity and sends the information to an app on your iphone or other device.  The app allows you to observe your brushing habits and set goals to improve your brushing skills.  It will also tell you when you need a new brush.  Parents can use it to check up on how well their kids are cleaning their teeth.  You can also send the information directly to your dentist although it is unclear whether your dentist really needs or wants to know.


Read by Annette

Study the words

Smarter– more intelligent
Catches on– becomes popular
Tracks– records information about
App– application (computer program)
Device–  tool, machine
Set goals– decide what your objectives are
Improve– make better
Skills– abilities
Check up on– monitor
Although– but

Do the takeaway test: Is your toothbrush smarter than you?

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