Brazil has revealed its new mascot for the 2014 world cup: a cartoon
armadillo. It was unveiled by the footballer Ronaldo who played for Brazil in three world cups. The armadillo, which is indigenous to Brazil is an endangered species. Its population has declined by 30% over the last decade because its natural habitat is being destroyed. It was chosen because FIFA want to use the world cup to communicate the importance of the environment and ecology. The Brazilian public has been asked to help choose a name for the mascot. The three options are: Amijubi (the junction of the words friendship and joy), Fuleco (Football and Ecology) and Zuzeco (Blue and Ecology). Which one is your pick?

Listen below

Read by Annette

Study the words

revealed-  disclosed, made public
cartoon-  caricature
unveiled-  shown to the public
indigenous to-  native to (it is born there)
endangered-  at risk of extinction
declined-   fallen, decreased
pick-  choice

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Do the takeaway test: meet ronaldo’s armadillo