English: A commuter cyclist in the London morn...

English: A commuter cyclist in the London morning rush hour, kitted out in specialist cycling gear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is making plans for an elevated cycle route over London and a group of architects has produced sketches of what the SkyCycle route will look like.  Cyclists will pay a small fee (about £1) to use it.  Entrances and exits will only be at certain locations, like train stations, so it will be like a cycling highway in the sky.

The number of cyclists in London has more than doubled in recent years.  However, the roads are busy and dangerous  and  there are a number of deaths and hundreds of serious injuries every year.  The SkyCycle route will reduce commute time and increase safety levels for cyclists.


Read by Martine Holt, Easi (East Midlands English Accent)

Study the words

Mayor– the head of local government
Elevated– raised, high up
Sketches– drawings, pictures
Fee– charge, price
Locations– places
Highway– motorway
Doubled– multiplied by two
Deaths– people killed
Injuries– damage to the body
Commute time– time necessary to get to work

Do the takeaway test: Cycling Highway in the Sky

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