Oktoberfest dirndl

Oktoberfest dirndl (Photo credit: 24oranges.nl)

Organisers of the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich are concerned that they may not be able to supply enough beer.  The problem is a shortage of bottles. German brewers wash and reuse bottles up to 50 times and rely on users to return their empties.  A warm summer this year has resulted in a sharp increase in beer consumption and not enough bottles have been returned.  Brewers are urging drinkers to bring them  back  as soon as possible.  In the meantime they have stopped producing certain types of beer.

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Read by Annette

Study the words

Concerned – worried
Supply enough–  provide a sufficient quantity
Shortage–  when there is not enough of something
Brewers–  beer makers
Rely on–  depend on
Empties–  empty bottles
Sharp increase–  big rise
Urging–  strongly encouraging

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