Would you live in your car for a month? 

A 22-year-old Canadian man, Tanner Zurkoski, is living in his car for a month.  The experiment was organised by Evergreen, a charity that tries to make cities more liveable.   It aims to show people from Toronto how much time they waste commuting every year: that’s 82 minutes every day, on average, or a whole month per year.  Commuting causes stress and can have a negative impact on the health of workers.

The solution to this problem could be an improved public transport system and the promotion of cycling and walking.  In fact, less that 30% of inhabitants walk, cycle or use public transport to go to work.

During the day, Mr Zurkoski makes videos of his experience and posts them online. At night he pulls down the back seat and sleeps in parking lots. Fortunately, he is allowed to leave the car to use the bathroom.

Listen below

Read by Crissy, Learning English Matters (Canadian accent)

Study the words

Charity– aid organisation
Liveable– pleasant to live in
Waste– use in a way which is not useful
Commuting– travelling to work
Impact– effect
Health– well-being
Improved– made better
Parking lots– car parks

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Do the takeaway test: man living in car for a month