How not to heat a tin of spaghetti…

Spaghetti spiral splayed.

Domestic accidents are very common but this one is unusual to say the least.  Two British flatmates set their building on fire when they tried to heat a tin of spaghetti on top of their toaster. In Britain, tinned spaghetti is quite common as a quick lunch, although I wouldn’t recommend it.  Neither would I recommend heating it on a toaster, especially without opening the can first.  Not unless you are trying to create an explosive spaghetti firework effect.  The accident resulted in a blaze which destroyed half of their property.  Miraculously, no-one was injured.


Read by Catherine Kennedy ( English accent)

Study the words

to say the least– without exaggerating
flatmates– people who share a flat
tin– can, metal container
toaster– machine used for toasting bread
tinned– in a can
not unless– except in the case that
blaze– fire
property– the flat which they own
miraculously– incredibly
injured– hurt

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