A new i-pad app specifically designed for cats, called ‘paint for cats’, allows your pet to chase a mouse and make a painting at the same time.  The makers, Hiccup, recently got into trouble when cats playing with another app accidentally downloaded premium content without the consent of their owners.  The firm was accused of tricking cats into making purchases.  The problem was solved by introducing a function which requires owners to scan their hand on the i-pad screen for four seconds to prove that they are human.  Apps for cats have more or less the same function as they have for humans:  they stop cats from getting bored and make them look cool too!


Read by  Annette

Study the words

Pet– domestic animal

Chase- run after

Got into trouble– had problems

Accidentally– by mistake

Premium content– extra functions that you pay for

Consent– approval

Firm– company

Tricking…into– using an unfair method to persuade them to do something

Prove– demonstrate

Getting bored– feeling dissatisfied because you have nothing to do



Do the takeaway test: Does your cat need an ipad

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