Have you seen the viral Coke ad? 

Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...

Nowadays, we are surrounded by security cameras which capture our every move 24/7. They are used as a crime prevention tool to discourage shoplifters, burglars, vandals and so on.  The latest Coke advertisement, which has gone viral on facebook offers a different view of what happens in front of the cameras.  The clip shows footage from around the world of sweet everyday moments:  people kissing, dancing, helping the homeless and, of course, drinking coke.  The idea behind the ad is to urge people to ‘look at the world a little differently’.  It also gives you that good, happy feeling that makes you want to share a coke.  In other words, mission accomplished.


Read by Jennifer, Learning English Matters (New Jersey U.S Accent)

Study the words

Nowadays– now, in these days                  

capture– record on camera 

24/7– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week/ non-stop                  

shoplifters– people who steal from shops

burglars– people who steal from homes       

gone viral – rapidly spread across the internet

clip– short video                      

footage– filming

homeless– people who have no home            

ad– advertisement

urge– encourage

mission accomplished–  the task was successful

Do the takeaway test: Coke Ad

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